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Doctoral Thesis (3)

Monitoring for Securing Clock Synchronization (Apr 2018)
Elena Lisova

On Pre-deployment Assessment and Security Bootstrapping of Industrial Communication Networks (Jun 2017)
Apala Ray

On Safe and Secure Communication in Process Automation (Nov 2011)
Johan Åkerberg

Licentiate Thesis (10)

Medium Access Control for Wireless Networks with Diverse Real-Time and Reliability Requirements (Nov 2016)
Pablo Gutiérrez Peón

Securing Clock Synchronization in Industrial Heterogeneous Networks (May 2016)
Elena Lisova

Initial Trust Establishment for Heterogeneous Industrial Communication Networks (Jun 2014)
Apala Ray

Cooperative Communication for Increased Reliability in Industrial Wireless Networks (Oct 2013)
Svetlana Girs

On Reliable Real Time Communication in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (Oct 2012)
Kan Yu

On Security in Safety-Critical Process Control (Nov 2009)
Johan Åkerberg

Internet Traffic Management (Nov 2008)
Henrik Abrahamsson

Centralized Routing for Prolonged Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks (Jan 2008)
Ewa Hansen

Using existing infrastructure as support for wireless sensor networks (Jun 2006)
Jonas Neander

Bandwidth Measurements in Wired and Wireless Networks (Apr 2005)
Andreas Johnsson

Book (3)

Radio Link Quality Estimation in Low-Power Wireless Networks (Jul 2013)
Hossein Fotouhi, Mário Alves , Marco Zuniga , Nouha Baccour , Claro Noda , Thiemo Voigt , Kay Romer , Carlo Boano
Radio link quality estimation in low-power wireless networks (Springer)

Book chapter in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Protocols, Standards, and Products: “Design Challenges and Objectives in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks” (Apr 2013)
Johan Åkerberg, Mikael Gidlund , Tomas Lennvall, Krister Landernäs, Mats Björkman

Book chapter in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Protocols, Standards, and Products: “Industrial WSN Standards” (Apr 2013)
Tomas Lennvall, Krister Landernäs, Mikael Gidlund , Johan Åkerberg

Book chapter (2)

Survey on Data Security and Privacy in Wireless Sensor Systems for Health (Nov 2017)
Aida Causevic, Hossein Fotouhi, Kristina Lundqvist
Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems: Foundations, Principles and Applications (Wiley)

Performance Evaluation of Realistic Vehicular Networks: A MAC Layer Perspective (Jul 2014)
Ali Balador, Carlos T. Calafate , Juan-Carlos Cano , Pietro Manzoni
Simulation Technologies in Networking and Communications: Selecting the Best Tool for the Test (CRC)

Journal article (38)

Safety and Security Co-Analyses: A Systematic Literature Review (Dec 2018)
Elena Lisova, Irfan Sljivo, Aida Causevic
IEEE Systems Journal 2018 (ISJ-2018)

Secrecy Performance Analysis for Fixed-Gain Energy Harvesting in an Internet of Things with Untrusted Relays (Aug 2018)
Van Nhan Vo , Dung Duc Tran , Chakchai So-In , Tran Hung

An efficient placement of sinks and SDN controller nodes for optimizing the design cost of industrial IoT systems (Jun 2018)
Hamid Reza Faragardi, Maryam Vahabi, Hossein Fotouhi, Thomas Nolte, Thomas Fahringer
Special Issue Meta-heuristics in Cloud Computing (SPE)

Practical 3-D Beam Pattern Based Channel Modeling for Multi-Polarized Massive MIMO Systems (Apr 2018)
Saeid Aghaeinezhadfirouzja , Hiu Liu , Ali Balador
Sensors Journal (Sensors)

Supporting Beacon and Event-Driven Messages in Vehicular Platoons through Token-Based Strategies (Mar 2018)
Ali Balador, Elisabeth Uhlemann, Carlos T. Calafate , Juan-Carlos Cano
Sensors Journal (Sensors)

Power Allocation Policy and Performance Analysis of Secure and Reliable Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks (Oct 2017)
Quach Xuan Truong , Tran Hung, Elisabeth Uhlemann, Gorge Kaddoum , Quang Anh Tran
Wireless Networks (Springer) (WNS)

RF Energy Harvesting: An Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks for Reliable Communication (Sep 2017)
Tran Hung, Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman, Ha-Vu Tran
Wireless Networks (Springer) (WNS)

mRPL+: A mobility management framework in RPL/6LoWPAN (May 2017)
Hossein Fotouhi, Daniel Moreira , Mário Alves , Patrick Meumeu Yomsi
Elsevier Journal on Computer Communications (COMCOM)

Downlink power optimization for heterogeneous networks with time reversal-based transmission under backhaul limitation (Jan 2017)
Ha-Vu Tran , Gorge Kaddoum , Tran Hung
Journal of IEEE Access (ACCESS)

Cognitive Radio Network with Secrecy and Interference Constraints (Dec 2016)
Tran Hung, Gorge Kaddoum , François Gagnon, Louis Sibomana
Physical Communication (Springer) (PHYSICCOM)

A Framework for Packet Delay Analysis of Point-to-Multipoint Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks (Dec 2016)
Louis Sibomana , Hans-jurgen Jepernick , Tran Hung, Charles Kabiri
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC)

Three-step Two-way Decode and Forward Relay with Energy Harvesting (Dec 2016)
Van Nguyen Thi Phuoc , Syed Faraz Hasan , Xiang Gui , Subhas Mukhopadhyay , Tran Hung
IEEE Communications Letters (IEEE COML )

Assessing Security, Capacity and Reachability of a Heterogeneous Industrial Network during Planning Phase (Nov 2016)
Apala Ray, Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman, Mikael Gidlund
EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety (EAI)

Power allocation for cognitive underlay networks with spectrum band selection (Oct 2016)
Tran Hung, Gorge Kaddoum , François Gagnon
Physical Communication (Springer) (PHYSICCOM)

Performance Evaluations and Measurements of the REALFLOW Routing Protocol in Wireless Industrial Networks (Jul 2016)
Kan Yu, Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman, Mikael Gidlund
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IEEE-TII)

Protecting Clock Synchronization - Adversary Detection through Network Monitoring (Apr 2016)
Elena Lisova, Marina Gutiérrez, Wilfried Steiner , Elisabeth Uhlemann, Johan Åkerberg, Radu Dobrin, Mats Björkman
System and Network Security: Anomaly Detection and Monitoring (SNS AD&M)

Employee Trust Based Industrial Device Deployment and Initial Key Establishment (Jan 2016)
Apala Ray, Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman, Mikael Gidlund
International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

WirArb: A New MAC Protocol for Time Critical Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Applications (Jan 2016)
Tao Zheng , Mikael Gidlund , Johan Åkerberg
IEEE Sensors Journal (IEEE Sens)

Scheduling for Source Relaying with Packet Aggregation in Industrial Wireless Networks (2016)
Svetlana Girs, Andreas Willig , Elisabeth Uhlemann, Mats Björkman
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IEEE-TII)

A Density-Based Contention Window Control Scheme for Unicast Communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (Nov 2015)
Ali Balador, Carlos T. Calafate , Juan-Carlos Cano , Pietro Manzoni
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (IJAHUC)

An Adaptive Contention Window Control for Improving DCF Throughput and Fairness (Nov 2015)
Ali Balador, Ali Movaghar , Sam Jabbehdari
European Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR)

An Efficient Message Dissemination Technique in Platooning Applications (Jun 2015)
Le-Nam Hoang , Elisabeth Uhlemann, Magnus Jonsson
IEEE Communications Letters (IEEE COML )

mRPL: Boosting mobility in the Internet of Things (Mar 2015)
Hossein Fotouhi, Mário Alves
Elsevier Journal on Ad Hoc Networks (AdHoc)

REALFLOW: Reliable Real-Time Flooding-Based Routing Protocol for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (Jul 2014)
Kan Yu, Zhibo Pang , Mikael Gidlund , Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN)

Reliable and fast hand-offs in low-power wireless networks (Feb 2014)
Hossein Fotouhi, Mário Alves , Marco Zuniga , Anis Koubaa
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC)

MAC layer misbehavior in MANETs (Aug 2013)
Anahita Sanandaji , Sam Jabbehdari , Ali Balador, Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Journal of IETE Technical Review (IETETR)

A novel contention window control scheme for IEEE 802.11 WLANs (Jul 2012)
Ali Balador, Ali Movaghar , Sam Jabbehdari , Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Journal of IETE Technical Review (IETETR)

Experimental Study of Path Loss for UHF Band Communication near Water Surface (Jun 2012)
Torbjörn Ödman

A Bluetooth Radio Energy Consumption Model for Low Duty-Cycle Applications (Dec 2011)
Martin Ekström, Marcus Bergblomma, Maria Lindén, Mats Björkman, Mikael Ekström
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

Efficient Integration of Secure and Safety Critical Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (Nov 2011)
Johan Åkerberg, Mikael Gidlund , Tomas Lennvall, Jonas Neander, Mats Björkman
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

History Based Contention Window Control (HBCWC) in IEEE 802.11 Mac Protocol in Error Prone Channel (Jan 2011)
Ali Balador, Ali Movaghar , Sam Jabbehdari
Journal of Computer Science (JCS)

Adaptive End-to-End Compression for Variable Bandwidth Communication (Jun 1999)
Björn Knutsson , Mats Björkman
Computer Networks

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